Cardano's Goguen update brings native tokens implementation and better dev tools

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Cardano's Goguen team has spent the first two weeks of November working on bringing native token and token locking functionalities to the Ledger hardware wallet.

In the latest Goguen rollout development update, the team revealed that they kicked off the Marlowe Alpha grogram and gave the community a glimpse of the work that's set to be done in the following weeks.

Cardano team rolls out new Goguen features and functionalities.

In the first of a series of Goguen rollout updates, two Cardano project managers have shared the progress that's been made in the past two weeks.

The Ledger team then implemented the native token feature to the hardware wallet, followed by an effort from the consensus team to switch the support for native tokens and token locking on.

After a successful launch of the Plutus Playground last month, the Goguen team spent the past two weeks focusing on developing the Plutus Foundation and rolling out a Playground refresh.

A significant amount of effort was also spent updating the Marlowe videos on the Cardano YouTube playlist, which left the team free to spend the next two weeks planning the following releases in line with the Plutus Application Framework readiness.

The team produced a PoC for the Plutus Core section using the extensible interface file format.

While the update is still in review by the Plutus team, it's expected that it will be approved in the following days.

All of this is just the beginning of a massive undertaking that lies ahead of the Goguen teams.