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LiquidStake set to unlock liquidity for Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 stakers
As the launch date of Ethereum 2.0 approaches, an important issue in the staking mechanism is starting to be discussed in the community: the one-way nature of stake deposits.
Did Ethereum just bottom vs. Bitcoin? This is the last big hurdle before $600
The focus may soon shift to Ethereum's Ether as it approaches the final resistance zone before a big potential breakout.
African Startups Should Tokenize to Break Biased Funding
Locals from East Africa and Nigeria accuse "Wazungus," or outsiders, of perpetuating racially biased venture capital funding cycles, muddying the funding landscape for the real African founders.
Bitfinex to compete with DeFi with new borrowing service
Amid a year of significant growth for the decentralized finance space within the crypto industry, Hong Kong-based crypto exchange Bitfinex has unveiled its new lending service today, called Bitfinex Borrow.
As Bitcoin price rises, institutions get down with digital assets
With Bitcoin price sentiment continuing to remain bullish following the uncertainty brought on by the United States presidential election, institutional investors seem to be getting more interested in betting on the markets.
SEC should declare XRP a security, says Peter Brandt
Veteran trader and chart analyst Peter Brandt is the latest figure in the cryptocurrency community to dispute the regulatory status of XRP. According to the chartist, XRP - the fourth-largest cryptocurrency at publishing time - is a security, which means that the coin should fall under the regulatory purview of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
What sets DEXs apart from CEXs? A deep dive featuring crypto traders and developers
Decentralized exchanges, or DEXs as popularly called, are one of the hottest topics in the crypto space in 2020, growing from niche obscurities as early as 2017 to boasting billions of dollars in daily volumes across 100s of crypto trade pairs this year.
KuCoin recovered 84% of stolen crypto after $280M hack, says co-founder
KuCoin has resumed full services for 176 out of the total 230 tradable assets to date.
Akoin rolls out to Kenyan tech city in first step toward Akon City
Akoin, the cryptocurrency project of American-Senegalese musician Akon is launching imminently in the $2 billion Mwale Medical Technology City, or MMTC, in western Kenya.
U.S. law firm says IRS is coming after Coinbase users who evade taxes
Once an IRS investigation or audit is opened, it's too late to make amends, warn tax lawyers.
This project wants to recreate Ethereum on Polkadot
MoonBeam wants Ethereum developers to feel comfortable on Polkadot.
Ripple CEO cautions against institutional Bitcoin investments in Biden era
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse took a dig at companies buying Bitcoin last week as the climatic effects of proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, like BTC, may be met with stern regulations if Democrat Joe Biden is elected as the US president.
Cuba's exploding crypto interest comes amid an absence of regulation
Cuba is seeing an influx of cryptocurrency activity amid an apparent absence of related regulation in the country, according to senior executives at local crypto firms.
Bitcoin price reclaims $15.5K after whales sell the most BTC since March
The price of Bitcoin has reclaimed $15,500 on Nov. 11 after whales sold the highest amount of BTC since March.
Binance briefly pauses Ethereum withdrawals as network suffers 'minor hard-fork'
The Ethereum network has suffered what looks like a hard fork today as reports emerged of outages and irregularities on infrastructure providers Infura and Blockchair.
One of the world's top banks issues bonds that can be bought with Bitcoin
One of the "Big Four" banks in the People's Republic of China, CCB is ranked the second largest bank worldwide by total assets as of fall 2020.
?stanbul Ba?ak?ehir is the latest soccer club to launch a fan token
Stanbul Ba?ak?ehir, last season's winner of the Turkish Süper Lig, has joined the Socios platform and will launch its own fan token by the end of 2020.
One of the biggest crypto funds just bought another $2m of
The DeFi market has undergone a strong surge since it seemingly bottomed late last week.
Uniswap 'community call' will discuss extending liquidity mining rewards
With Uniswap's liquidity mining rewards program set to end in one week, the project has called a community meeting to discuss how to move forward.
Crypto Capital owner's attorneys no longer want to represent him
The attorneys representing the accused principal of shadow-bank Crypto Capital, Reggie Fowler, have filed motions to withdraw as his counsel.
Bitcoin fees plummet as mempool clears to zero
The clear mempool meant that that thousands of stuck transactions pending confirmation were included in recent blocks, leaving very few unconfirmed transactions still outstanding.
3 reasons Bitcoin spot volume reaching new yearly peak is highly optimistic
According to the data from Arcane Research, the spot volume of Bitcoin has reached a new yearly high.
Sam Bankman-Fried believes even ETH 2 can't handle DeFi's potential growth
FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried doesn't believe Ethereum will be able to provide the scaling capabilities required by the DeFi sector in future.
Indian exchange offers ETH staking ahead of Ethereum 2.0 launch
CoinDCX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in India, is preparing its platform to support ETH 2.0 staking in anticipation of Ethereum 2.0 launch.
Sideways Bitcoin price allows DeFi, Ethereum, and altcoins to rally higher
For the past two days, Bitcoin price has traded within the $14,800 to $15,500 range but the top-digital asset struggled to flip $15,500 to support.
'Aussie Trump' invests in Bitcoin as it's the 'millennial version of gold'
Former Australian politician Cory Bernardi sees the demand for Bitcoin "Getting stronger."
CBS doco on Silk Road throws spotlight on Ross Ulbricht
Mainstream U.S. media outlet CBS is airing a documentary tonight on the takedown of the Silk Road dark web marketplace.
This on-chain indicator confirms the Bitcoin bull market is just getting started
Bitcoin has entered what appears to be a consolidation phase following its latest bout of volatility.
New patent-holder wants $18M a month from US Bitcoin ATM operators
Upstart blockchain firm Bots Inc claims it can demand between $14 million and $18 million in monthly revenues after acquiring a patent to Bitcoin ATM technology last month.
Biden taps crypto-savvy former CFTC chair for transition team
Gary Gensler will reportedly ensure a smooth transition with the Federal Reserve in addition to banking and securities regulators.