Bitcoin Cash Faces 'Slow Death' After Alleged $30M Hack

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Altcoin Bitcoin Cash has become the subject of intense speculation after a major investor claimed he lost $30 million in a wallet hack.

In a now-deleted Reddit post from Feb. 22, the investor, who appears to be Dreamhost founder Josh Jones, said the attacker also stole 1,500 Bitcoin worth $14.4 million.

Hacker steals reported $45M. The hack came in the form of Jones' SIM card being compromised.

In the deleted post, Jones appealed to BCH miners not to validate the transactions.

Commenting on the events, Dovey Wan, founding partner at crypto asset fund Primitive Ventures, warned that the impact would go far beyond Jones himself.

In a series of tweets, Wan reproduced the Reddit post, criticizing Jones for keeping such a large amount of cryptocurrency in a wallet accessible simply from his smartphone.

Wan: BCH drama will result in "Slow death".

Subsequently, Wan added that the hacker was splitting up the stolen funds, likely in an attempt to conceal their origin and make them easier to sell on exchanges.

"No matter what, this 60000 $BCH hack, the dispute among BCH camp between Ver and Jihan, all these will mark a slow death of it."

As Cointelegraph reported, Bitcoin Cash has seen various contentious events throughout its lifespan, including a hard fork in 2018 which resulted in the creation of another altcoin, Bitcoin SV. It is unclear which other problems Wan was referencing when she mentioned two of its leading figures - Bitmain executive Jihan Wu and founder Roger Ver.