Bitcoin genesis block is the 'New Testament' of finance

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Eons later, in 2009 A.D., came the Bitcoin Genesis Block - the first chapter of a new bible in the making: the Bitcoin white paper.

This, precisely, is the "Darkness" upon which the Bitcoin genesis block shed light, flashing like a bolt of lightning coming out of the 2008 global financial crisis - or should I say, scam.

If Bitcoin could speak, or if Satoshi Nakomoto hadn't been anonymous, they would have exclaimed: "Fiat lux." Anyway, that didn't happen, and before discussing the genesis block and what it meant, let's discuss another crucial aspect.

The Bitcoin genesis block: The beginning of a New Testament.

In 2008, with the of Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin white paper, the world of finance witnessed a ray of light, a flicker of hope.

Since the mining of its first-ever block - the Bitcoin genesis block or Block 0, as it's commonly known - Bitcoin has become a savior to many.

Now, you might be wondering how dare I compare Bitcoin with God, or even the Bible? More importantly, why do I call it the New Testament of finance? The allegory of darkness and all of that lines up, but there's a more tangible reason as well: Bitcoin makes governments and their sanctioned deceivers irrelevant.

In introducing its underlying blockchain technology, the Bitcoin genesis block ushered a new reality.

Above all, the value of Bitcoin is based on the pure demand of its users.

We still have a long way to go in a world where Satoshi Nakamoto is the original creator and the Bitcoin genesis block is the first chapter of its bible.