Blockchain Bites: Ripple's MoneyGram Pump, OKEx's Bitcoin Cash Plan, Bitcoin's Birthday

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Ether sharesGenesis Capital saw the share of bitcoin in its loan portfolio drop as the share of ether loans increased to 12.4% of its total loan book this quarter.

The Economist gives an introduction to bitcoin by comparing it to a posh London club known primarily for turning away Mick Jagger at the door.

A margin change in FTX's TRUMP future's contract indicates traders are factoring in President Donald Trump's diminishing chances of reelection come Nov. 3.OKEx, still paralyzed by founder's arrest, details plans for a bitcoin cash hard fork.

Hashrate & feesThe average price of a transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain is now 0.00086764 BTC, the highest since June 2018.

Happy birthday, BitcoinTomorrow marks the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin's white paper.

In the intervening years, Bitcoin has been called many things: a scam, a Ponzi scheme, dead on arrival, a joke, a tool for criminals, rat poisoned squared, a currency for geeks - and did we mention dead?

While pundits are wont to predict Bitcoin's death, the simple ledger has remained and has even breathed new life into how societies think about money, financial access and the nebulous concept of "Trust."

Yesterday, The Economist published an ode to Bitcoin saying, "Even people who are hostile to Bitcoin will concede that its technology is fiendishly clever. It is essentially a way of accounting for who has spent what. Instead of a central exchange to keep score, and to verify payments and receipts, it uses an electronic ledger that is distributed across the entire system of bitcoin users."

Wishing Bitcoin a happy birthday, cybersecurity firm Halborn produced a video with a number of celebrities wishing it well.

In a cameo appearance, Wu-Tang Clan's RZA said, "Ya know Bitcoin was created by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto doin his thang. I wanna say one thing about this - If you don't know about it, you better know about it, because yo at the end of the day scientists can create something, son, but the value on everything is what we put on it. The Bitcoin revolution has started."