Company behind CryptoKitties raises $11 million to create new blockchain

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DapperLabs, the company that created the popular CryptoKitties Ethereum collectibles game, announced the launch of its new blockchain platform-Flow.

The company secured $11 million in funding from Warner, Andreessen Horowitz, and Venrock to create a developer-friendly blockchain.

DapperLabs raises $11 million for new blockchain platform aimed at games.

The creators of one of the most successful blockchain games in the world, DapperLabs, announced that they will be launching their own native blockchain platform.

The company's blockchain, called Flow, was designed to be a developer-friendly platform and be able to support "Entire ecosystems of apps, games, and digital assets that power them."

DapperLabs was able to create Flow thanks to the $11 million it raised in its latest round of financing.

Flow's attempt to connect entertainment and blockchain brings Warner Group on board.

That Warner contributed less than $1 million to the round, the sheer size of Warner's audience makes this one of the most important crossovers between traditional media companies and blockchain.

Flow is the first blockchain investment the entertainment giant made but could prove to be monumental.

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