DAO Platform Aragon Begins Recruiting Jurors for Tokenized 'Court'

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Aragon has started the process for recruiting human jurors as the governance protocol prepares to launch its decentralized court system.

As of 16:00 UTC Tuesday, community members will be able to exchange the project's ANT tokens for newly minted Aragon Network Juror tokens that will be used for staking on its dispute resolution platform.

The pre-activation window, open until the launch of Aragon Court on Feb. 10, will select the first class of jurors to adjudicate on cases brought before the court.

Its court system will handle "Subjective disputes that require the judgment of human jurors," according to the official website.

Each case is assigned three jurors who are selected randomly, with the chance of selection increasing with the size of an ANJ holding.

Jurors then deliberate and rule on the dispute, earning a token reward for doing so.

Jurors make their rulings independently, revealing their decision to the other jurors and those involved in the case.

A juror who votes against the other two also loses his or her staked ANJ tokens, which are then redistributed to the two winning jurors.

Once the Aragon Court launches on Feb. 10, there will no longer be a fixed conversion rate for ANT to ANJ. It will become a rate that will change dynamically depending on how many ANJ tokens are activated.

Jurors must stake $47. The error has been corrected.