DGB gets delisted from Poloniex hours after DigiByte founder criticizes Tron

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Over the past few weeks, Jared Tate, the founder of popular blockchain network DigiByte and its native DGB cryptocurrency, has been waging a Twitter war against one individual: Justin Sun, founder of Tron, the blockchain behind currently twelfth-largest cryptocurrency TRX. Tate's quips started off relatively mild, calling Sun a "Crook," though, on the afternoon of Dec. 4, the prominent industry executive released a nine-part thread claiming that Tron is not as above-board as its proponents claim it to be.

The exchange claimed in a tweet that "After careful review, we decided DigiByte is not qualified for our listing standard."

What exactly did Tate say about Tron that triggered the blockchain project's supporters so greatly?

Unnecessary nuance aside, Tate's thesis on the blockchain is that it is a "100 percent premined and completely centralized network"; he looked to analysis from Brian Fabin Crain, CEO of Proof-of-Stake Blockchain service provider Chrous One, which stated that 56 percent of the voting power of the Tron network is in Binance's control.

The DigiByte founder added that "Tron was the most blatant con job we saw after diving into hundreds of projects and blockchain protocols," referencing his analysis of the industry for a book he was writing.

"I'm disgusted by all these TRON trolls/bots attacking me & hyping a 100% premined & completely centralized network like its the most decentralized gift from god. Now Poloniex. has turned into a TRX shill factory after making off w/ US customers sensitive data."

This is not the DigiByte's first time tussling with other crypto industry titans; Tate remarked earlier this year that the "'Binance'" team demanded $300,000 and 3 percent of the total supply of DGB "For 'insurance for their customers against blockchain hacks & defects' to list DGB.".

Of course, as Poloniex had lost support from Circle with this spin-off, it needed funding.

Sun initially refuted the report, though by Nov. 12 quipped that he was one of the investors who acquired the trading platform in an official Poloniex livestream.

The exchange has listed TRX, acquired a decentralized exchange based on the Tron blockchain, made promotions with Tron branding, and even tweeted out a message urging its followers to purchase TRX as a collective.