Honeywell Creates a Blockchain 'Search Engine' for Aircraft Parts Data

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Aerospace giant Honeywell will use a blockchain system to streamline the documentation of aircraft parts and services.

Listen to article Honeywell International Inc has created a blockchain-based system to solve the complex documentation and data storage processes of the aerospace industry.

The company announced that its blockchain subsidiary GoDirect Trade will integrate the aircraft record generation process into its blockchain system.

Doing so will allow Honeywell customers to search aerospace parts and service data through its interface.

In its present state, data related to aerospace parts and services are scattered across computer systems and hard copies.

This results in airline companies and operators sometimes losing important documents that are crucial for proving the legitimacy of parts.

"In aerospace, this is a game-changing technology that will simplify and transform recordkeeping for aircraft owners and airlines around the world."

By recording all data on a single ledger, Honeywell expects to ease the process of searching and accessing aircraft-related data and make data handling more efficient for its customers.

Honeywell claims that, in the case of missing documents, customers will now be able to reconstruct the aircraft part's data and document by inputting the part number and serial number on their application.

"Honeywell's offering is like a search engine, but it works for anything and everything related to aircraft parts and service."