Interview with Decred's CEO Jake Yocom-Piatt on Crypto Ad Bans and Market Volatility

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Yocom-Piatt agreed to a phone interview with CryptoSlate to talk about market volatility, the recent cryptocurrency ad bans and Decred's development.

Decred has achieved relative stability, even in the midst of the recent cryptocurrency market crash thanks to its unique Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake model - its governance structure requires users to lock their coins to earn a voting ticket.

In addition to incentivizing Decred's community to make decisions on future changes, the hybrid PoW/PoS algorithm keeps a substantial amount of Decred off the exchanges and in the pockets of its users.

Other projects are likely to see a drop in popularity after the termination of their ad campaigns - the crypto ad bans are barely a blip on Decred's radar.

The entire cryptocurrency market cap dropped significantly, and Decred has along with it.

Decred's development team focuses primarily on the technology rather than market speculation.

Once approved, the Decred team will code the changes and put them on the Decred chain, and users vote on the changes once again.

Decred has fallen victim to the cryptocurrency market's recent price retracement - although, it does not necessarily reflect poorly on the project or its team.

Yocom-Piatt and Company Zero are competent developers and their unique vision for their token has propelled Decred up the crypto rankings by market cap.

Decred's unique and incentivized self-governance structure has helped it achieve stability in a highly volatile market.