Many Industries Now Integrating Blockchain

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New reports emerge daily about blockchain's infinite potential to upend entire industries.

The more evidence available of blockchain's real-world value, the more likely investors will support new blockchain solutions, and in turn, consumers may place trust in this decentralized infrastructure.

Although there is a lot of hype, some industries stopped theorizing about blockchain's potential and put the ledger to work.

One way the blockchain will revamp the industry is by making property history more accessible.

Blockchain is streamlining the actual transaction process.

Many financial organizations have begun infusing their core and legacy services with blockchain solutions.

The arrival of blockchain within shipping and logistics stands to save money in logistics waste and improve the end-to-end user experience.

The arrival of blockchain is making it easier for artists to finance their projects.

"Where there's mystery, there's margin. So if I have a supply chain, and I can't have visibility, all of a suddenly money starts disappearing and the wrong people are getting money and the people who should be getting it aren't getting it. And that's really how blockchain is going to help the creative industries."

There is no shortage of ways in blockchain can change the world, and successful implementation of blockchain across these industries may spark a renewed sense of confidence, even among the most skeptical of audiences.