"Patoshi" Bitcoin dev believes Satoshi may never touch his BTC, speaks on ETH 2.0 and RSK

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Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym for the unknown, mysterious creator of Bitcoin continues to baffle most with two aspects; one, his well-kept identity, and two, the extent of his multi-billion worth stash of Bitcoin.

One Bitcoin researcher, famed for calculating Nakamoto's Bitcoin value and introducing the "Patoshi Pattern," believes the Bitcoin creator may never move his coins.

Earlier this week, Sergio Demain Lerner, creator of Bitcoin-issued smart contract firm RSK and one of the discoverers of the "Patoshi Pattern," took to Reddit's cryptocurrency community for an AMA session around Bitcoin.

Patoshi describes a Bitcoin mining pattern using a different algorithm than those used in 2009.

Lerner notes his own contributions to Bitcoin were transparent enough to not advocate an investigation into what Nakamoto did in 2009, with "Digging more" meaning entering the creator's "Private area."

"Assuming Satoshi is Patoshi, I believe, based on the past history of Satoshi coins, that Satoshi won't use his coins ever. Therefore, I think that there couldn't be a fairer and a more altruistic way for Bitcoin to be born."

Lerner notes there is no hard evidence linking Patoshi to Nakamoto, or conclusively proving he really mined the 1 million Bitcoin.

Sergio Demian Lerner June 2, 2020.On Bitcoin, Ethereum 2.0, and RSK. Other parts of the AMA concentrated on Lerner's work with RSK, a protocol that focusses on smart contract creation over the Bitcoin network.

RSK allows users to conduct smart contract executions for a small fee, with RBTC, the network's native token, pegged one-to-one with Bitcoin.

Speaking on Bitcoin's contributor community, Lerner indicated coders work hard to prove their worth to other Bitcoin contributors and eventually have their code merged.