Pixel-by-Pixel, New Project Offers Game Where Crypto Players Can Create Blockchain Art

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A new project is gearing up to be the "First arts and games smart economy on the EOS blockchain" - offering games and giving artists the chance to showcase their creative works and monetize their passion.

PixEOS says that the first game on its platform offers a new twist on the pixel-drawing titles previously seen on the EOS blockchain.

Offering a 1 million pixel canvas, PixEOS Paint offers a profit-sharing system where players can paint pixels over one another and create a collaborative art piece.

According to the project's white paper, the PixEOS Paint game is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2019, heralding the start of the artistic platform.

The team hopes to build a collective where both established artists and newcomers can collaborate and bond in their shared passion, with an array of platforms where creators can share ideas, improve their skills and be compensated for their work.

Empowering artistsThe canvas created by PixEOS users is converted into a non-fungible token that goes up for sale as a piece of digital art in a specially created gallery.

This will be complemented by an Art House where crypto enthusiasts can ask their favorite artists on the platform to create works on their behalf.

According to the company, it has already established partnerships with wallets, DApp stores, other EOS-based games and block producers to "Implement a healthy and long-lasting platform" and blockchain-based marketplace where art rights can be bought and sold for use or collection.

The project plans to distribute tokens through a plethora of contests and GIF competitions - and every 100th member who joins the platform receives a prize as a thank you for their support.

Now, PixEOS is preparing to launch an art contest that it believes will be the biggest collaborative effort ever seen in the EOS ecosystem.