South Korea's Aurora Chain Aims for 2000 TPS In Competition with Ethereum

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Announced at the "Beyond the Blocks" press conference held in Seoul, Aurora Chain is an improved smart contract platform that utilizes unique consensus mechanisms and blockchain features to create a more secure, efficient environment for decentralized application development.

Aurora Chain, also known as project Abitchain on their website, is the latest iteration to a smart contract platform that welcomes a variety of industry applications through its unique composition.

Aurora Chain seeks to resolve the issues that lie with current smart contract platforms - congestion, scalability, and upgradeability - through the implementation of DPOS and BFT consensus mechanisms, along with select features that enhance its overall performance.

The Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism increases the speed of transactions on the main chain by giving select individuals voting power to sign and confirm block transactions rather than waiting for a certain number of untrusted nodes to verify each transaction individually.

Byzantine Fault Tolerance further enhances the security and efficiency of the Aurora chain through a guaranteed verification of block transactions.

Magnetic Field: The first step towards mainnet launch focuses on enhancing TPS and overall blockchain speed.

Charged Particle: Aurora chain plans to go online in June 2018.

The use of features such as Multi-chain parallel operation and upgradeable blockchain allow the Aurora main chain to achieve unlimited TPS through horizontal expansion of network access, eliminate the potential for a necessary hard fork, and enable the platform to adapt as usage increases over time.

These are just a few of the improvements that Aurora claims will make their smart contract platform the most secure and stable as an environment for future dApp development.

The Aurora Chain motto is "Building A Wonderful Blockchain World," conveying their focus on creating the most hospitable ecosystem for blockchain projects to be built.