Staked Automates the Best DeFi Returns With Launch of Robo Advisor

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Investors in decentralized finance have a new way to generate the best possible returns.

Staked's new Robo Advisor for Yield service, which launches today, automates the process of finding high-yielding opportunities.

Normally, investors have had to watch constantly and reallocate quickly to catch an enhanced DeFi return.

With RAY, investors can put their assets into an asset-specific pool and the smart contract will automatically invest all or part of that pool into contracts with the best yield at any given time.

Staked is building a pool of liquidity that will automatically move to where there's opportunity.

With Staked, there is a pool of capital ready to move automatically if an application shows attractive returns.

The Staked pool could remove this pain point for BZX and any other new smart contract that gets whitelisted, Bean said.

On a day-to-day basis, the returns for providing capital to any smart contracts tends to be fairly uniform, meaning the market is generally efficient, as both Ogilvie and Bean noticed.

To encourage participation, Staked is set up so RAY makes a return only if it beats a baseline.

RAY makes 20 percent returns above whatever the funds would have made if they were all just in Compound.