Think a Privacy Law Will Stop Surveillance Capitalism? You Don't Know Google

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Mar 20, 2020 at 15:45 UTCUpdated Mar 22, 2020 at 21:05 UTC.Alex McDougall is the co-founder of Bicameral Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on blockchain, interoperability, data and identity self-sovereignty, personalized AI and Web 3.0.The business model where users with the fewest privacy settings are the most profitable.

We don't need further disconnection, we need a new digital paradigm to replace our most important interactions without completely losing our humanity.

Our data feeds are the lifeblood of our digital personas and our digital personas are about to become our only personas.

Why isn't there a secure vehicle where I take that Google profile, correct what's wrong and supplement it with my Twitter, Netflix, Lyft, Apple Health, government ID, health and personal information to make a real digital version of me that I can use to connect and share myself?

360-degree, digital profile is what's going to form the kernel of a world where we can capture some semblance of our valuable physical interactions, in a digital setting.

We need more rich data to make better algorithms and more virtual spaces that facilitate deeper, self-sovereign digital interactions.

A suite of digital tools, products and algorithms that are built to only ask for the minimum amount of data necessary to achieve their goal.

Google has become one of the most valuable companies on Earth by quietly trying to run digital simulations of all of us.

We need to re-orient our data paradigm away from the "Abstract and extract" model to one where individuals and businesses start our own digital identities.

The economics of shared data can be incredible, and the reward for getting it done is nothing less than the salvation of integrity and humanity in our post-COVID world of digital interactions.