This project wants to recreate Ethereum on Polkadot

Published on by Cointele | Published on

MoonBeam wants Ethereum developers to feel comfortable on Polkadot.

The MoonBeam project is planning on setting up a custom parachain that emulates the Ethereum Virtual Machine environment, effectively recreating Ethereum on Polkadot.

Developers on Polkadot and some other interoperability projects usually need to set up an entire blockchain to host their decentralized apps.

While Polkadot's Substrate framework is intended to make this process simpler, not all DApps need that level of control over their environment.

MoonBeam seeks to become a kind of Ethereum emulator for Polkadot, running on the same virtual environment that is currently powering all smart contracts on Ethereum.

The team says that this allows Ethereum DApp developers to only make minimal changes to their code and maintain use of developer tools like Truffle and Metamask.

At the same time, the integration with Polkadot would allow for easy interoperability with the rest of the Polkadot ecosystem.

The team claims that MoonBeam is a more affordable smart contract platform with strong on-chain governance - often emphasized by Polkadot co-founders as a necessity for blockchain systems.

MoonBeam and Polkadot are some of many projects looking to capitalize on this by providing an alternative platform.

MoonBeam's launch date is yet to be determined, as it depends on Polkadot's Parachain offering auctions going live.