Top 5 Crypto Performers: BTC, XEM, BSV, ETH, BNB

Published on by Cointele | Published on

The BTC/USD pair has largely stayed above the breakout level of $4,914.

11 levels again during the next fall, it will indicate buying at lower levels and the pair might remain range bound for a few more weeks.

The BSV/USD pair had been trading inside a range of $102.580 and $58.072 for the past few weeks.

Currently, the bulls are attempting to rebound from the psychological support of $50. If the bulls carry the price back into the range, we can expect the pair to consolidate between $58.072 and $102.580 for the next few weeks.

The ETH/USD pair has slipped back below the breakout level of $167.32, which is a negative sign.

If the pair rebounds off the support at $144.78, the bulls will again try to scale above $167.32.

The BNB/USD pair came within a whisker of breaking out to new highs but failed to do so.

The pair is facing selling at the resistance line of the wedge pattern.

If the pair stays above the uptrend line of the wedge, it might enter into a consolidation for a couple of weeks, after which we expect another attempt by the bulls to make a new high.

Our bullish view will be invalidated if the bears sink the pair below the uptrend line of the wedge.