Why Are Tezos, Lisk, Binance Coin Beating Bitcoin so far in 2020?

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Since the start of 2020 Tezos has surged 118% and Binance Coin 120%. Meanwhile, Lisk has kicked its rally into high gear, surging 450% this year.

The current test for Tezos is whether it can flip the 0.00257 satoshis level for support.

If Tezos is likely to hold the $2.50 level for support, a move towards $4.00 is warranted.

The price of BNB is hovering against the 0.0026 satoshis level and this level is significant as it was the previous high in June 2019.

A breakthrough of this level would give the price space to move toward the 0.00298 satoshis level.

Failure to reach this point would provide investors with a potential opportunity to step in at the 0.00232 and 0.00247 satoshis levels.

If Lisk is unable to close above $2.30, a retrace is likely to occur, through which targeting the $1.60 level at first seems reasonable as support.

The next resistance is found at 0.0001700 satoshis, a gap of 50%. If the 0.0001700 satoshis level breaks to the upside, the next level sits at 0.0002250 satoshis.

Ultimately, Lisk needs to close above 0.0002270 satoshis for continuation.

Otherwise, it's likely to retest the 0.0001700 satoshis level for support.