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NASA Initiates Independent Research on the Ethereum Blockchain
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration in conjunction with the University of Akron has just initiated a new research program that will see the two scientific powerhouses come-together to implement Ethereum-based blockchain technology for the purposes of space communication and navigation.
Indian Crypto Startup Files Petition Against Central Bank Ban
An Indian startup planning to launch a crypto exchange has filed a complaint against the Reserve Bank of India's decision to bar banks from engaging with crypto services.
Reddit Community: A Game Predicted Bitcoin 28 Years Ago
Another prediction of Bitcoin emergence has been recently discovered by a Reddit user that posted a screenshot from Japanese role-playing video game Final Fantasy III on April 16.
Amazon Granted Patent For Streaming Data Marketplace With Bitcoin Use Case
Amazon Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of e-commerce giant Amazon, received a patent for a streaming data marketplace that would enable users to receive real-time cryptocurrency transactions data, according to a document released April 17.
Head of the International Monetary Fund Talks About the Benefits of Cryptocurrency
In 2017, cryptocurrency came into the mainstream spotlight.
Telegram's CEO Is Using Bitcoin to Bypass Russia's App Ban
Telegram founder Pavel Durov said Tuesday that he has been paying network administrators in bitcoin to bypass a government ban on his popular messaging platform.
Amazon Sees Bitcoin Use Case in Data Marketplaces
Amazon has won a patent for a streaming data marketplace that could allow subscribers to receive real-time cryptocurrency transaction data.
What Crypto Exchanges Are Saying About NY's New Inquiry
Some of the startups named today in the New York Attorney General's cryptocurrency exchange "Inquiry" say they welcome the move.
Coinbase Has a New Chief Financial Officer
Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase hired a new chief financial officer.
Sharia, Taxes And Short Squeeze: Versions Behind Bitcoin's $1000 Bounce
Since last week crypto community celebrates the return of Bitcoin to the green with an inspiring bounce up to $1000 in value in less than an hour of trade on Thursday, 12 April.
Cambridge Analytica Reportedly Planned To Release Digital Currency
Cambridge Analytica was planning to raise money by issuing a digital currency prior to becoming involved in a scandal regarding the misuse of data from Facebook, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters April 17.
Russian Gov't Blocks 20 Mln IP Addresses To Ban Telegram, App Still Operational
After announcing the ban of encrypted messenger Telegram last Friday, Russian telecommunications watchdog Roskomnadzor began blocking the app Monday, April 16.
New York Attorney General's Office Launches Inquiry Into Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms
New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has launched the "Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative", an "Inquiry into the policies and practices" of digital currency trading platforms, according to a press release April 17.
A New Age of Cryptofinance Is On Its Way
Although it successfully enabled us to digitize our money by creating a new layer on top of legacy systems, it did not create a whole new infrastructure.
Blockchain Taps Former Goldman Exec for Institutional Investor Push
Blockchain, a cryptocurrency wallet and data provider based in London, has hired a former Goldman Sachs executive as head of institutional sales and strategy.
Sell the News? Verge Token Drops After Porn Partner Reveal
Verge's XVG token is witnessing a classic "Sell the news" trade.
Prosecutors: Options Seller Duped Investors With 'Worthless' Crypto
Federal prosecutors say a New York resident misled investors about a cryptocurrency as part of a wider investment fraud scheme.
Binance, Bitfinex and More: New York Launches 'Inquiry' Into 13 Crypto Exchanges
New York's attorney general is taking a closer look at some of the world's most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
Blockchain Securities Platform Gets $28 Mln In Funding From Big Name VC Investors
Several high-profile investors have confirmed investing in a funding round that raised $28 mln for Harbor, a Blockchain company looking to remove legal barriers to securities trading, in press release today, April 17.
Crypto Market Holds Gains On News Of More Wall Street Talent And Money Moving In
The Crypto market continues to hold gains around the same levels it reached after a sharp spike on Thursday, April 13, with Bitcoin and Ethereum trading above the $8,000 and $500 levels respectively today, April 17.
Pornhub Starts Accepting Verge As Payment, Calls The Move 'Critical' For Crypto Adoption
Adult entertainment streaming site Pornhub has announced a partnership with cryptocurrency Verge and will now accept the coin as payment for Pornhub Premium and all Pornhub purchases, according to a press release published today, April 17.
Korean Blockchain Association Reveals Self-Regulatory Rules For 14 Member Exchanges
The Korean Blockchain Association has recently revealed a self-regulatory framework for its member cryptocurrency exchanges to boost trading transparency, The Korea Times reports on Tuesday, April 17.
LocalBitcoins User Claims Traders Must Submit ID For 'Significant' Volumes, Reddit Reacts
Social media users were rethinking patronage of peer-to-peer trading platform LocalBitcoins today, April 17, after a trader produced evidence that personal ID was now required to buy and sell Bitcoin for some trade volumes.
Data, Security, Insurance: How Blockchain Is Disrupting The Health Industry
The health industry's potential for Blockchain has been outlined numerous times, and new startups continue to emerge in 2018.
Philippine Senator Demands Harsher Penalties For Crypto-Involving Crimes After Local Scam
Philippine opposition Senator Leila de Lima is pushing fellow senators to move forward with her bill to impose stricter penalties for cryptocurrency-related crimes, according to a press release from the Philippine Senate published April 16.
A16z, Founders Fund Back $28 Million Raise for Tokenized Securities Startup
Tokenized securities startup Harbor has secured $28 million in funding from major Silicon Valley venture capital firms, the company announced on Tuesday.
Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken to Shutter Services in Japan
San Fransisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has announced it is shutting its doors for investors in Japan.
Crypto Hedge Funds Face Tough Choices on Tax Day
Like so much else in cryptocurrency taxation, the rules for crypto funds - pooled investment vehicles that seek above-market returns from digital asset investments - are far from straightforward.
The Seven Pillars of ICO Investing
In addition to the hundreds of ICOs being launched every month, our management company Crypto Asset Management, also receives around a dozen emails per day from new companies planning on launching crypto tokens to raise capital.
Cognizant Teams with 14 Insurers on Blockchain Data-Sharing Platform
Cognizant has teamed up with 14 Indian insurance firms on the development of a blockchain solution for cross-company data sharing.