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Card Operator Discover Joins Blockchain Trade Group
Global payments giant Discover Financial Services has joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce to assist the group's mission of blockchain education and advocacy.
Pornhub Adds Crypto Payment Option With Verge Token
Adult entertainment website Pornhub has announced that it will begin accepting the cryptocurrency verge as payment.
Swiss Banking Industry To Be Hurt The Most By Blockchain, Says New Moody's Report
Credit rating giant Moody's Investor Service said in a recent report that Blockchain technology for cross-border transactions could potentially hurt banks in Switzerland more than in any other country, CNBC reported yesterday, April 16.
Major South Korean Crypto Exchange Coinone To Launch In Indonesia
South Korea's third largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinone, has announced plans to launch an exchange in Indonesia, according to a press release published on its site Monday, April 16.
Dividend Tokens, Explained
Due to the cryptocurrency boom, the terms "Token", "Coin", "Initial coin offering" and many others have become an integral part of the vocabulary of every trader and investor.
Bank Of Japan: Central Bank Digital Currencies Could Destabilize Existing Financial System
The Bank of Japan's deputy governor spoke negatively about the effects of central bank-issued digital currencies on the current financial system in closing remarks at a fintech conference, published yesterday, April 16.
Former Goldman Sachs VP Joins Crypto Wallet Blockchain To Attract Institutional Clients
Info has hired former Goldman Sachs executive Breanne Madigan as the head of institutional sales and strategy, CNBC reports today, April 17.
NFC and the Lightning Network Could Make Bitcoin Payments Practical Again
Advancements on the new Lightning Network could allow for fast, inexpensive, and convenient retail transactions.
Converging Blockchain, AI and IOT to Push New Frontiers in Transportation
The intersection of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain technology are of particular interest when it comes to revolutionizing the future of transportation.
Bitcoin Merchant Adoption Might Just Be Accelerating In Asia
Not only is bitcoin a sought-after choice for business-to-business payments, but for retail payments, other cryptocurrencies are finding a foothold as well.
Self-Regulatory Group Hopes to Bring 'Order' to Korea's Crypto Exchanges
Update: This article has been amended to include comment from two domestic exchanges.
Philippines Lawmaker Urges Senate to Expedite Crypto Crime Bills
A Philippines lawmaker is seeking to speed up the passage of legislation that would increase the penalties for crimes involving cryptocurrencies.
$8,500? Bitcoin Eyes Gains with Key Support at $7,900
Bitcoin remains in a bullish territory for now and is looking at further gains, though a pullback is possible if support at $7,900 is breached, according to technical studies.
Crypto Exchange Kraken To End Services In Japan, Cites Rising Costs Of Business
Crypto exchange Kraken will end its services in Japan, according to an emailed statement, Bloomberg reports today, April 17.
Blockchain Platform Prepares To Test Cryptocurrency Payment System In Major Shopping Mall
A Blockchain-driven platform has announced it will begin testing a brand-new transaction system for cryptocurrency payments within the coming days.
IMF's Lagarde Counters Crypto Warnings With New Praise Of 'Potential Benefits'
The head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde was buoyant about cryptocurrency in a blog post in support of the technology, published Monday, April 16.
Ripple Urges UK Regulators to Establish a Consistent Cryptocurrency Framework
In another push to uniformly manage the UK alt-coin market, executives over at Ripple, the world's third largest digital currency, have requested British regulators to put an end to the financial unpredictability that engulfs their cryptocurrency sector.
Lightning + NFC? The New Plan to Bring Bitcoin to Retail
Imagine a way to expand bitcoin payments to millions per second.
Japanese Official: No Plans For Central Bank Cryptocurrency
Bank of Japan, the country's central banking authority, currently has no plans to issue a central bank digital currency, citing financial stability concerns.
Economists Explore Bitcoin's 'Equilibrium Price' in New Paper
Two economists have developed a model for pricing bitcoin and other assets in decentralized financial networks.
A Digital Asset Layer Protocol
Described as an "Interpretational protocol for multiple assets," Bytom intends to bridge the physical world and the blockchain, creating a digital asset layer protocol that establishes the infrastructure of the "Asset internet."
Germany's Second Largest Stock Exchange Building Crypto Trading App
Institutional acceptance of cryptocurrency is gaining steam as Germany's second largest stock exchange announces development of a crypto trading platform.
What ICO Issuers and Investors Need to Know About Taxes
Much attention has been paid to regulatory issues in connection with token issuances, including the potential treatment of tokens as securities subject to regulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, treatment of tokens as commodities subject to regulation by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and treatment of issuers as money services businesses subject to regulation by the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.
Why the IRS Should Treat Crypto as a New Asset Class
While some nations banned cryptocurrency marketplaces and services, the United States moved towards more stringent IRS enforcement by establishing a dedicated cryptocurrency team and forcing major exchanges like Coinbase to turn over user information on trades.
Coinbase To Boost Toshi Dapp By Taking Features From Recently Acquired Cipher Browser
Coinbase has recently acquired Cipher Browser, a wallet based on Ethereum Blockchain, and decentralized app developer, to improve its own similar project Toshi Ethereum network browser, according to a Coinbase tweet on Friday, April 13.
Ripple Calls On UK Regulators To End "Wild West" Of Cryptocurrencies
The world's third largest cryptocurrency Ripple, has called on UK regulators to follow the lead of Japan and end the "Wild West" days of cryptocurrency markets by implementing new rules, The Telegraph reported April 15.
Marsh Insurance Firm Partners With IBM To Apply Blockchain For Proof Of Insurance
Marsh, a global insurance brokerage and risk management firm, announced the first commercial Blockchain solution for proof of insurance, Business Wire reported April 16.
Crypto Price Watch: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple Experience Minor Drawbacks
After breaking the $8,000 barrier last Friday, Bitcoin impressed users and enthusiasts by spiking to $8,400 over the weekend.
Coinsecure May Refund in Rupees, Not Bitcoin After $3.4 Million Heist
Crypto exchange Coinsecure will pay back users following a $3.4 million theft last week - but there's a catch.
Insurance Broker Marsh Working With IBM on Blockchain Platform
International insurance broker Marsh is working with companies like IBM to develop a blockchain-based insurance verification platform.